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    Corn has buttsex with men

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    Scott Foster Unappreciation Thread

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    Sous Vide

    Bag em and tag em boys
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    Tax Relief Unappreciation Thread

    Welcome Luxury Tax Savings! Interesting name but I am hoping he is a 3 and D we need!
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    Rockets Acquire Iman Shumpert in 3 Way Trade with Cleveland, Sacramento

    Rockets also give up a 2019 1st round pick which is lottery protected, and a 2nd round pick.
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    Why is this under investing?

    Investing in the future of crypto exchanges by giving them all of our money.
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    Jaycee West Appreciation Thread

    We never got to see just all she was capable of, but we thank the internet for what it was able to provide us.
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    European Soccer 2018/19

    Premier League might have a close finish for once. Pivotal clash between Man City and Everton today.
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    Rockets vs. Kings Official Game Thread [2/6]

    Will there be a Temple of the Dog?
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    19ers thread

    Here for Jaycee West